Build a data-driven sales culture.

Atrium helps sales leaders, rev ops, and sales managers use data to drive revenue, improve rep performance, and hit quota—quarter after quarter.

Atrium For Revenue Operations

Goodbye dashboard jockey.
Hello strategic partner.

Rev ops needs their sales managers and leaders to be data-driven. But somehow all of those painstakingly built dashboards go unread…

With Atrium, modern rev ops teams ensure their sales leaders and managers actually manage by metric.

They can align the entire sales team around the key metrics that matter, enable managers with data assets they’ll actually use, and empower those managers to self-serve the insights they need.

The result? Successful managers, happy sales leaders, and better team performance.
Ben Foley
Head of Revenue Operations
"Atrium lets my sales managers self-serve the data they need, allowing my revenue operations team to focus on more strategic initiatives."
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Atrium For Sales Leaders

A data-driven culture comes from the top.

Sales leaders set the tone for the entire team. In a modern sales organization, that tone needs to be data-driven.

This means metrics for sales leadership, the C-suite, and the board. More importantly, this means data for your managers to measure, manage, and improve rep performance.

Atrium helps elite sales leaders create a thriving data-driven culture from top to bottom.
Jim Murphy
SVP, North American Enterprise Sales
"Atrium is the best SaaS product I've used this year. With Atrium, I know my managers are using data to manage their reps.“
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Atrium For Frontline Sales Managers

It all starts with the manager.

High performing managers are the difference between team success and failure.

But great sales management means juggling dozens of urgent tasks.

Deal inspection. Goal tracking. Performance troubleshooting. And more. (Not to mention rep therapy).

Yet most sales managers aren’t given the training and tooling they need to measure, manage, and improve team performance. Without the right data, they’re flying blind. 

Atrium helps frontline managers weave data throughout their entire sales management motion.

From proactive goal monitoring, to metrics-based 1:1s, self-serve insights, and more.

Less gut feeling, better performance.
Christine Burke
Sales Manager
"I'm a better leader because of Atrium. The analysis of my team's performance and areas to improve are game changers in the way I manage my reps."
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