Featured Customers

Dan Brayton

Director of Operations

“Atrium is at the vanguard of helping sales and sales operations teams drive actionable insights. Atrium’s two biggest values in my eyes is how it is so plug and play, working straight out of the box, and how the software does metrics analysis for you, calling out things that need attention and deeper inspection. The above two things takes tons of work off sales ops’ plate, letting us spend our time building strategy and process to drive improvements.

Atrium handles the monitoring and analysis for us and I don’t have to be a report monkey for sales managers who have access to anything they need in Atrium.”

Emily Carpenter

Manager, Commercial Sales

“When I first arrived at TripActions, the company was growing so quickly that having the right analytics in place to hold my team accountable was extremely tough. I spent hours digging through Salesforce to find any metrics on activity, opportunity health, etc. Before Atrium, it was difficult to coach on data or even understand what success looks like.

Since we implemented Atrium, I’ve been able to streamline my 1:1 time with my team, hold them accountable to key success metrics, and get easy visibility into everything in our pipeline. The out of the box reporting coupled with monitoring and alerting makes my life so much easier. Atrium has now helped TripActions change our 1:1s for the entire Commercial Sales team. Every Commercial Manager now coaches to the data and the reports Atrium helped us create.”

Michelle Tuzman

Sales Operations Manager

“One thing we do to help make data-driven performance everyone’s job is by running sales ops-led “performance data 1:1s” with reps and managers, using Atrium.  This helps us easily break down performance against leading indicators, and flag potential soft spots in rep performance before it becomes a major bookings issue. And it shows managers where they need to intervene and coach.

We in Ops love it because it helps everyone be more aware and raises performance. Managers and reps love it because they’re learning a new skill - and of course it helps them hit their goals.”

David Hershenson

Director of Sales Development and Productivity

“As an analytical sales leader, I don’t have a problem digging into analytics to sniff out potential SDR or AE problems - but I have a million other things that I could be spending my time on, which is why Atrium’s proactive approach to analytics is so helpful for someone in a situation like mine. If a system can help point me in the direction of which reps need help and why, proactively, then I can spend my time on addressing the underlying issues.

Atrium’s continuous monitoring of progress towards goals and the attainment of them, and other early warning indicators helps me spend my time on the most impactful thing I can: making reps better and removing roadblocks for them.”

Victor Sowers

Vice President, Revenue Operations & Strategy

“This has been the most successful new sales tool we’ve deployed - and we use a lot of sales tech. My sales ops managers see insights in Atrium and reach out to the sales managers, only to find out that they’ve already seen those alerts from Atrium and had conversations with their reps to work to resolve. Atrium has reduced the “metrics analysis” burden on my sales ops team substantially, and empowered my line managers to be more data driven and proactive themselves, all the way down to helping the reps better self manage by being more aware of their own performance metrics.

Atrium has had a huge impact.”

David Aronica

Director of Sales Development

“As sellers of top tier event marketing technology, Splash's business development function requires a nuance befitting of the prospects our teams engage. This is why it’s key for our SDR managers to have their finger on the pulse of what our reps are doing and why Atrium’s proactive analytics is so helpful. I don’t want to wait until the end of the month to know there’s a problem with an SDR - if someone’s activity levels, email response rate, meeting creation pace, or other key metric starts to suffer, I want to know as quickly as possible so I can help fix it.

Atrium’s continuous monitoring of rep metrics and associated alerting helps me and my managers stay ahead of the curve, never be surprised, and let’s us spend our time helping and coaching rather than looking for needles in metrics haystacks.”