Featured Customers

Victor Sowers

Vice President, Revenue Operations & Strategy

“This has been the most successful new sales tool we’ve deployed - and we use a lot of sales tech. My sales ops managers see insights in Atrium and reach out to the sales managers, only to find out that they’ve already seen those alerts from Atrium and had conversations with their reps to work to resolve. Atrium has reduced the “metrics analysis” burden on my sales ops team substantially, and empowered my line managers to be more data driven and proactive themselves, all the way down to helping the reps better self manage by being more aware of their own performance metrics.

Atrium has had a huge impact.”

Dan Haarmann

Chief Revenue Officer

“Atrium’s rep instrumentation is awesome. We got more out of the box at day one than anyone could reliably build in a year on their own.

And given that when we started out with Atrium, we had no sales ops function, it’s essentially been serving as our sales operations and analysis function for the last six months. The continuous monitoring and automatic warning alerts when something is “off” with a rep has helped us “catch” issues early on with our reps so we can act before they become a serious problem, which has helped us remediate some reps, and show others the door when it was clear they weren’t going to make it. And aside from the alerting, having consistent dashboarding that is broadcast to all stakeholders makes sure that everyone has their pulse on what’s happening with the AE and SDR Teams.”

Zaw Hteik

Head of Analytics

“One of the biggest impacts Atrium has had for us is in understanding whether a newly hired sales person in ramp is on track for success or not. Atrium measures their ramping performance against others in the past, and against specific ramping goals, and automatically reports out on their performance, flagging issues before they become big problems.

As an operations and analytics professional, I've saved tons of time that I would have previously spent pulling data out of Salesforce and manipulating it in Excel. With Atrium in the hands of a sales ops manager or smart young analyst, you can instrument and support a sales team of any size.

It’s extremely scalable and gives operations huge leverage.”

Dan Brayton

Director of Operations

“Atrium is at the vanguard of helping sales and sales operations teams drive actionable insights. Atrium’s two biggest values in my eyes is how it is so plug and play, working straight out of the box, and how the software does metrics analysis for you, calling out things that need attention and deeper inspection. The above two things takes tons of work off sales ops’ plate, letting us spend our time building strategy and process to drive improvements.

Atrium handles the monitoring and analysis for us and I don’t have to be a report monkey for sales managers who have access to anything they need in Atrium.”