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Instant integration, automated analysis, and deep insights unlock rich opportunities for data-driven sales management.

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How Atrium Works

Every metric
that matters

Atrium is equipped with hundreds of out-of-the-box metrics that you can customize to effectively manage and motivate your SDR, AE, or CS teams.

u +30% increase in win rates
“Atrium has transformed the way I manage my AEs. Since we implemented data-driven 1:1s, our pipeline hygiene and win rates have improved significantly. When reps start getting a little loose, Atrium immediately flags it, we can discuss it together, and then fix it before it becomes a big problem.”
Will Ibsen
VP of Sales, North America

Detect changes in your team’s performance

Atrium continuously scans hundreds of KPIs to reveal anomalies in your reps’ and team’s performance, like changes in efficiency or if they’re trending towards missing quota.

u +79% increase in opp creation
Dan Demas
VP of Revenue Operations

Know the root cause of performance issues and exactly how to fix them

Atrium continuously looks for patterns across hundreds of rep and team metrics to detect which behaviors and activities are impacting your team’s output.

u +50% improvement in pipe hygiene
"Before using Atrium, a ton of my team's opps did not have a next step (as much as I was pushing them on it). Now, that number is much lower, and our pipe health is also in a MUCH better place. I can't tell you how much more effective my 1:1s have been because of Atrium."
Chris Hartig
Director of Commerical Sales

If you need to know about it, Atrium will alert you

Whether it’s a high performing rep that needs kudos, a struggling rep that needs coaching, or a pipeline issue that needs attention, Atrium will let you know about it.

u 30% increase in AE meeting voume
Cooper Schorr
Director of Sales

Automatically set and track goals

Set any goal on any KPI and Atrium will track progress and proactively alert you of the final outcome.

u 2x SDR prospecting activity
Gil Abramov
Head of Sales Development
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