Sales management shouldn’t be so hard

At Atrium, we come to work every day with one goal in mind—enabling and empowering managers to improve their team's performance with data.

Meet our Team

Co-Founder, CEO

Jason Heidema

Co-Founder, CRO

Peter Kazanjy

Director of Customer Success

Bridget Sicard

VP of Sales

Milena Kaul

VP of Engineering

Todd Tobin

VP of People

Thien Nguyen

VP of Marketing

Nipul Chokshi

Co-Founder, Technical Lead

Rodrigo Leroux

Manager, Engineering

Victor Krimshteyn

Manager, Implementation

Majhon Phillips

Manager, Sales Development

Debora Fernandez

Manager, Sales

Sean Cardenas

Manager, GTM Operations

Janie Flores

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We're building something that makes people hidden more successful and
happy in their work…

It's no coincidence that we're a pretty happy productive team!

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