Consistently move pipeline down funnel.

Atrium is an AI-driven sales effectiveness platform that helps organizations move more pipeline to consistently hit their number.

Trusted by the world's best sales teams:

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Trusted by the world's best sales teams:

Make Your Sales Managers Amazing

Atrium helps AE, SDR, and CS managers use metrics to improve team performance

automated insights

Monitoring team performance is hard.

Atrium provides out of box, continuous insights to tell you which teams are doing the quantity and quality of work required to move more pipeline down funnel.

Atrium helps sales orgs...

Increase Activity

Are we doing enough work?

Sales leaders generally aren’t happy with their level of activity visibility. For those that are, it’s hard to understand if activity is efficient, how activity differs between teams, and how activity levels are changing over time.

Enhance Pipeline Creation

Are we efficiently creating pipeline?

Most sales orgs haven’t optimized pipeline creation. They have a snapshot of ‘how much’, but not the efficiency of opportunity inflow, and they don’t have a pulse on the primary drivers of success.

Improve Pipeline Hygiene

Are we wasting our pipeline?

Getting meetings on calendar is expensive. And wasting those meetings is more common then sales leaders would like to think. Whether a deal is old, untouched, or has no next meeting, leaders need to know what opportunities they can count on closing.

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Reduction in rep ramp time
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VP of Sales at Intellimize
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Accelerate Pipeline Velocity

Are we efficiently moving opps through the funnel?

Sales leaders know how much pipeline is open, but don’t understand efficiency through the funnel. They need to know which teams are struggling to advance opportunities compared to peer teams, and which stage is the problem.

Manager Playbook

Effective coaching is hard.

Atrium’s AI-powered sales coach aligns your organization around a standardized manager playbook to deliver consistent results.