Tough times call
for amazing sales management

Atrium helps sales managers use metrics to increase rep efficiency and survive and thrive in a downturn.

Trusted by the world's best sales teams:

Trusted by the world's best sales teams:

Make Your Sales Managers Amazing

Atrium helps AE, SDR, and CS managers use metrics to improve team performance

automated insights

Sales Management is Hard

Atrium provides insights around rep and team activities so you can spend time coaching and fixing issues rather than looking for them.

increased productivity

Get the most out of your reps

Proactive goal tracking, alert feeds, and strategy insights ensure that each rep is performing at their best—converting consistently and driving revenue.

u +48%
Increase in meeting volume
Justin Bullock
VP of Saleslogo 15five


Make every opportunity count

Atrium levels up your pipeline management, deal inspection, and forecasting so that you can make sure each and every opp is getting the TLC it deserves.

vi 30%
Reduction in untouched and stuck opportunities
Jim Murphy
SVP, North American Enterprise Sales


Ramp your reps to excellence

With decreased budget and tighter deadlines, you need to make sure that every new rep is worth the time and cost it takes to hire them. With Atrium, you can use data to monitor their onboarding every step of the way, allowing you to jump in and coach before small issues become bad habits.

vi 60%
Reduction in rep ramp time
David Singh
VP of Sales
vi 60%
Reduction in rep ramp time
David Singh
VP of Sales at Intellimize
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Improve your team's hidden
performance with data

Our customers have seen...


Increase in AE meeting activity


Increase in SDR opp creation


Increase in win rates