Atrium helps sales managers use data to improve team performance. Help us build something that makes people more successful and happy in their work.

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How We Do It

We provide visibility into all organizational actions to help teams be more mindful of the quantity, quality, and time allocation of their efforts.

We are not building another BI tool where employees with extra time on their hands can do complicated and time consuming analysis.

We are building an insights engine that does the research for you and alerts you when you need to take action.

The Results

We empower individuals to better manage their time and actions to focus on reaching their primary goals.

We transform managers into superheroes who know what's going on in their organization, so they can congratulate successes and provide assistance in real time.

We enable executives to run efficient organizations that focus on top goals, and don’t waste valuable employee energy on fruitless efforts.

Our Culture


Push It

We move fast and are willing to take risks, question assumptions, try new things, and learn from the results.

Better Together

We believe in the value of teams spending the majority of their working hours together and in person.

User First

We understand that we can’t make our users more successful without understanding their needs.


We work efficiently and effectively together, so we can build and maintain fulfilling lives when we are apart.


We expect transparent, intellectually honest, open minded, and empathetic conversations with each other.

Empower People

We support creativity and don’t micromanage, and in exchange we expect high integrity and results.

Why Atrium?

  • Join us to change the way people work. We're building something huge, to make people happier in their jobs.
  • Join us on the ground floor and help build a company. We're just getting started.
  • Join us to continue learning and growing. We're invested in each other.
  • Join a team  you'll love working with every day. We're a talented, curious, authentic, and aspirational bunch.

Other benefits...

  • Top of market salary and equity
  • Investment in ongoing training and new skills acquisition
  • Full medical, dental, and vision coverage.
  • Investment in the right equipment, nourishment, and tchotchkes
  • We like to drink fancy cocktails together on Thursdays.

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