Automatically instrument & manage

remote sales teams

SDR activity goals

ramping AEs

rep forecasts

AE prospecting activity

pipeline hygiene

newly WFH sales teams

ramping SDRs

rep / manager 1:1s

Solutions for

Understand how your top performers achieve results so you can level up your entire team  

Receive alerts that allow you to take proactive coaching steps before a rep misses quota

Spend more time coaching (and less time deciphering reports)

Get notified when a new hire is ramping out-of-band with previous reps
Get a 360° view of your teams so you know which ones are off pace or outperforming

Get prioritized alerts so you know which teams need your attention

Get actionable insights and recommendations on your main issues, not just a stack of reports

Help new managers ramp quickly with a comprehensive view of their team's performance and recommended actions

Empower your sales teams with insights and recommendations to support decision making

Save time by using Atrium's out-of-the-box dashboards and KPI reports on the metrics that matter most

Spend less time managing data and more time on higher value sales ops work

Get actionable analytics even with less-than-perfect CRM data
Learn which of your activities and strategies are driving sales outcomes

Track how you're pacing towards your goals

See how your behaviors are changing and how they compare with your peers

Understand which actions to take next

Automatic data capture

Atrium continuously collects and correlates metadata from your email, calendar, phone, and CRM system to provide you with real time insights on how your teams and reps are performing.  No manual data entry required!


Automatic issue detection & alerts

Atrium will monitor, identify, prioritize, and alert you to issues so you'll always know what needs your attention. Atrium also provides dozens of out-of-the-box KPI reports and dashboards on the metrics that matter most.  


Strategy insights & analysis

Atrium analyzes your data to discover root causes for performance issues, as well as for outstanding results. Atrium also provides recommended actions so you can make better informed decisions.