Meet The Team
We're building something that makes people more successful and happy in their work, so it's no coincidence that we're a pretty happy productive team!
Pete Kazanjy
Sales, cooking and dining, skiing, SF Giants
Pete's really into early stage sales methodology, wrote a book on it, and does substantial writing and speaking on it. More about Pete in his speaking bio here.
He also occasionally gets into activism mischief, like starting These Come From Trees, and Tech for Campaigns.
Jason Heidema
Co-Founder, CEO
Food, drink, music, poker, tech
Jason loves product and operations, and is particularly intimate with the early stage product research, strategy, design, and development lifecycle.
His hobbies include playing the drums in mediocre rock bands, almost professional poker, and producing decent craft cocktails.
Ignacio Andreu
Co-Founder, Lead Software Engineer
Code, tech, baby Mar, basketball
A Spaniard transplanted to the Bay Area, Ignacio loves creating businesses and solving real problems with technology.
When he's not hanging out at playgrounds and swimming pools with his family you can find him at concerts and basketball games.
Rodrigo Leroux
Co-Founder, Technical Lead
APIs, Product-driven engineering, Traveling with Family, Youth Soccer, Anthropology of Mezcal
Rodrigo has been nominated for the prestigious 'Father of the Year' award for 16 consecutive years.
Karen Rhorer
Customer Success & Sales Strategy Lead
Sales operations, unit economics, red wine, bar trivia, Huskies
Karen came to Atrium after working in consulting, finance, and sales operations, a series of career decisions made because they all involve building Excel models for entertainment.
She runs half marathons with her dad and takes her dog Roger on frequent trips to Napa.
Dan Cmejla
Community Operations Manager
Community Organizing, friendship, activism, rock climbing, board games & biking
Dan is a political persuasion specialist & presidential campaign operative who helps manage the peer learning networks run by Atrium.
On weekends, he can be found jealously looking at dogs, climbing, volunteering with environmental advocacy groups, or sleeping in & eating leftover pizza.
Alexander Frieden
Operations manager
Family, Politics & Governance, Tech, Traveling like a local, Off-menu Cocktails, Catching up with old friends.
Before moving to San Francisco, Alex traveled coast-to-coast and around the world on behalf of the White House and various progressive campaigns
May Woo
Lead Product Designer
Design in all its myriad forms, Biking, Plants, Canine behavior
May loves the process of building brand new things that make our lives better, whether it's a new product, new space, or new service. She also enjoys riding her bike, hiking with her dog Banjo, growing vegetables, and learning to play pop songs on the piano.
Ilya Ganelin
Software Engineer
Skiing, race-cars, travel, scuba diving, and food.
Ilya lives at the intersection of data engineering and data science and is an expert in real-time distributed streaming systems.
Living in Oakland gets him to Lake Tahoe and Sonoma Raceway where he can safely race cars at irresponsible speeds.
Victor Krimshteyn
Software Engineer
Music, His Cats, Code
Victor enjoys working at small startups where he can wear a fun variety of hats and move fast.
He likes concerts, wandering around SF, and wondering what his cats are thinking.
Pragya Rai
Software Engineer
Code, Travelling, Board Games, Music
After working for a couple of startups and attempting to start her own, Pragya's love for creating probelm solving software has grown and that has brought her to Atrium.
In her spare time, She likes to organize her stuff while listening to upbeat Bollywood music. You can talk to her about Ellen Degeneres for hours. As Ellen says: "Be kind to one another"
Betsy Rogers
Sales Strategy Success Manager
Hiking, SF Giants, Jigsaw Puzzles, & obtaining obscure LinkedIn endorsements
Betsy is a Bay Area native who started her career in hospitality before transitioning to working in sales and sales ops at tech startups.
When not working with Atrium's awesome customers, she can be found road tripping to State and National Parks and trying to find the next Polebridge Mercantile.
We work efficiently and effectively together, so we can build and maintain fulfilling lives when we are apart.
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